Outreach & Assimilation

The purpose of the Outreach and Assimilation (O&A) ministry is to welcome visitors, help integrate newcomers into the Northside family, and provide outreach opportunities to the greater Melbourne community.

The focus of our Outreach activity is to assist members of Northside in reaching people where they are, as a function of who they are, with the life-changing message of Christ. Outreach focuses on evangelism through the normal and natural context of living life with our neighbors, co-workers, and friends. In order to do this, we provide ministries which encourage members to pray for specific individuals in their lives, live the gospel in every sphere of life, learn the Scriptures needed to share the gospel in conversation, encourage friends and neighbors to engage in small groups and Bible studies, and engage in accountability regarding participation in outreach.

The focus of our Assimilation activity is to help visitors and members become increasingly welcomed and included within the Northside community. In order to do this, we provide ministries which maintain this website, provide visitor follow-up, provide brochures and additional information for newcomers, host newcomers dinners, and support offsite events like our summer beach days.

If you need additional information about the O&A ministries, or would like to assist us in making Northside a more inviting church family, please contact the O&A Team using the form below.