The purpose of the Facilities ministry is to provide the necessary scheduling and support to aid the other ministries at Northside Presbyterian Church as well as maintaining the upkeep for the facility.

The focus of our Facilities activity is to oversee the upkeep of the building and grounds, and look to the future as the church grows with expansion and site development plans. In order to do this, we provide ministries which allow members to sign up for a specific area of the landscaping at Northside to maintain throughout the year, we organize cleaning crews periodically to go through the church and perform spring cleaning activities, we schedule church work days for grounds cleanup, we employ members to perform maintenance and repairs of the facility in a timely manner, and recruit members to aid in the interior decorating of the sanctuary, office and classrooms. Our mindset is that as the members work together and care for the property and facility that God has given Northside, we grow together as a body and our relationships with one another deepen.

If you need additional information about the Facilities ministries, or would like to assist us by being a part of this team, please contact the Facilities Team using the form below.